Tuesday, December 22, 2009

39 weeks (Quick Update)

We had our midwife appointment today. Some progress, but not as much as I had hoped. I'm now 80% effaced, baby is way low, and I have basically lost most of my mucous plug. GROSS! Anyway, I'm still contracting away, but nothing really regular or strong enough.

I work tomorrow and Christmas Eve, unless something happens. I feel like a "time bomb" or something. Blah! I hope I don't have to make a 40 week post!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Patience, Patience, Patience... 38.4 weeks pregnant

I think the worst thing about being at the end of a pregnancy, is having your body go through so many changes EXCEPT for the big change - Having the baby. Ugggg.... it's such a tease. I continue to have the abdominal cramping, some lower back aches, pelvic pressure, and braxton hicks. The strongest braxton hicks were on Thursday. After my last blog, I had another 40 minute stretch of contractions about 5 minutes apart and then they stopped. Since then, they have been mild and irregular. I think it would almost be easier if I was having no early labor signs, to obsess over and just jumped straight into labor. I worked on Friday after being up all night the night before. I still can't sleep! Our census dropped at work, and luckily, I was placed on call for Saturday. I was able to get a good night's rest on Friday - 10 hours! Yesterday, I tried to keep myself occupied. I jogged 3 miles, walked 3 miles, we greeted at church last night, went out to dinner. I had some "Drunkin Noodle" YUM at Thai house - very spicy! I have basically everything that we need for baby! Clothes are washed and folded, hospital bag mostly packed, house scrubbed and cleaned last week - floors, bathrooms, guest room! I'm ready for company, ready for Christmas, and ready for BABY! Baby is just not ready for us yet! :( Michael has his heart set on a Christmas day baby. It's so funny that to me that seems way too far away, but it would be the best birthday present for him. So... I will wait, as if I have a choice.

We have another appointment on Wednesday morning. I will update again, unless..... :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chunk may be a Christmas baby after all!

As of last Friday, I began having lower abdominal cramping and lots of pressure. On Saturday while I was at work, it was worse. The cramps felt like menstrual cramps. They have remained constant throughout the last few days. I've had lots of Braxton Hicks contractions as well. I'm going to the bathroom a lot more too. EIGHT times one night!

Anyway, I think baby has REALLY dropped this time. We had a midwife appointment today, and my curiosity got the best of me, and I let them do a cervical check. First, I measured 35cm! Last week I measured 38 I think! Baby dropped 3cm in one week! HR was the lowest it's ever been 120s-130s! I explained about the cramping and pressure. She checked me and baby is engaged and I'm 60% effaced! My cervix is also anterior now and she said opened a little (not sure what that means)! I'm also releasing small parts of my mucous plug, which she had on her hand afterwards. Sorry if TMI. She was really excited and said that all of these are signs of early labor!

Well, Chunk could be here before you know it! I'm trying to not get too excited, because I have friends who have remained in this situation for a good few weeks! But, it's encouraging to know that things are moving along!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

37 weeks!

I am officially considered full term! That being said, I could still have another 4-5 weeks to go. Uggg... for first time Mommies, the average length of gestation is 41 weeks and 2 days. That could put me as far away as January 8th before having our little "chunk". AND, "chunk" is packing on the pounds! I measured 39cm today and my midwife guessed around 7 pounds for weight! I gained 3lbs in one week! I don't really care, because I am still exercising and have been watching what I eat. If I gain, I gain and will have a healthier little bundle!

I'm feeling pretty good. Yesterday was a GREAT day. Michael has been going to the gym with me to work out, so that has made me more encouraged to go. Yesterday I ran 4 miles in 44 minutes and felt great! I think I had a head cold last week, so I had felt like a giant slug. Now I'm getting my energy back! However, my biggest issue with this pregnancy continues to be insomnia! I just can't sleep more than 4-6 hours it seems in a night. I wake up every morning between 4-6am, and can't fall back asleep. Plus, I feel like I'm starving and just have to have a bowl of cereal. Well, hopefully I'll get enough sleep before I go into labor!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

36 weeks - Santa baby, just slip a baby under the tree, FOR ME!

Less than 4 weeks to go... well until my due date. I can't believe how fast and slow this is going. I am really starting to feel the pregnancy now. The last few days, I've been pretty exhausted. I'm still working, but on the days I'm not, I spend my time recovering. It's amazing how tired I am. I think part of this is due to my constant interrupted sleep pattern at night. I wake up every 2-3 hours to potty and then, usually around 4am I can't fall back asleep. Ugggg... and I know it gets worse after baby is here. I'm not much fun for Michael, but he has been very supportive of me.

Yesterday we went to a Christmas party, and I slipped on ice outside and fell. Imagine I giant prego flying through the air, landing on her back side (good thing my butt is extra padded right now) and then I really couldn't get up! I just laid on the ground, rolling side to side trying to muster the strength to get up, my ginger bread cookies ruined (of which Michael frosted for me), and tears were brimming in my eyes. So humiliating, well, at the time. It's kind of funny now looking back. Michael was SO sweet and so concerned, and I just love him so much. I'm so thankful for him. I'm truly blessed with a wonderful man! I can't wait to see him as a Daddy! He'll be great! Anyway, I'm fine. Not a single bruise. But I don't walk outside at all unless my man is there to hold on to... at least while there is snow outside.

We had another midwife appointment yesterday. HR is 141. I'm measuring right on target. I had my first cervical check, since they were checking anyway for group B-strep. I have been feeling so much pressure down there at times, and I have been having lots of Braxton Hicks. No news. I'm -2 station, cervix closed and while baby is head down and in good position, not yet engaged. This means I'll be at least 2 more weeks for sure! Baby hasn't really dropped yet like I thought. Oh, well. More time in the oven is good for chunk, no matter how impatient and cranky I get.

Michael got the lights up on the house! I LOVE Christmas! He did a great job! Check it out:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

35 Weeks!

I'm still feeling pretty good! My only main issue, is that I have developed a pregnancy rash I think. I have these little bumps on my chest, some on my abdomen, and on my back. They look like I'm breaking out with acne, except that they ITCH like the dickens. I'm fortunate so far that I haven't gotten any stretch marks! I do have a very faint Linea nigra on my abdomen. Lot's of contractions too! Nothing regular though, and they aren't painful. Yesterday, when I was out for my jog, I felt some "leaking". It actually only happened one time. I was a little nervous that it was amniotic fluid. I was thinking that as much as I'd love to see my baby, he/she needs to cook at least a few more weeks. I determined, it must have been urine, since it only happened one time. I think baby has dropped, I feel "lower" and everyone keeps telling me I look "lower". Lot's of pressure.

Last week I mentioned that I thought I was starting to lactate! I definitely am! I have felt the "let-down" sensation several times. It feels like a tingling sensation in my nipples. Once I felt it in the shower, and was able to express some milk out of my breasts. It's amazing how God has created our bodies to support another life. What a gift!

So much to do still! We need to pack our bag, set up our hospital tour, and decide on a pediatrician. This is actually the hard part, since Michael and I are VERY undecided about certain kinds of vaccinations. We definitely DO NOT want the Hep B vaccine when the baby is born. I for sure want to delay it, and may not want it at all. So, we need to find someone who will be more flexible about the medical model of vaccines. There is quite a bit of controversy over the Hep B vaccine given right after birth, as the baby has not yet full developed their central nervous system. The ingredients in the vaccine have been linked to autism (thimerisal) and Alzheimer's (aluminum).

Back to the Hospital!
So, after SEVERAL hours on the phone with our insurance company, and 6 different answers and being transferred who knows how many times, it was finally decided that there was no way to determine if they would cover the actual birth at the birth center. UGGGG.... this was SO frustrating, as I thought I had all my ducks in a row. I'm a naive girl I guess. Anyway, we are back with our previous Midwifery group and will be delivering at the North Suburban Medical center after all. They were very gracious and understanding about our attempts to go to the birth center and took us back, no questions. I guess I was afraid they wouldn't take us back or something (hahaha... Christmas baby with no room in the inn)! We just don't want to get stuck with a $1600 bill after baby is born (which was a possibility at the birth center) and for sure everything is covered at the hospital.

Well, I think that is it for this week. I can't believe how fast all this is going. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

34 Weeks!

I had another midwife appointment yesterday. Everything looks good with baby. I gained 3 more pounds and am measuring right at 34 cm. "Chunk" was moving around quite a bit. The heart rate was 165 this time! The last 10 weeks it has been in the 130s and 140s. This baby keeps us guessing, but that is fine; we want that SURPRISE!

I do have a yeast infection. YUCK. I'll spare you the details. I thought I did, but wasn't sure. Turns out the swelling down there is in part due to this. This makes me feel better, knowing I will have some relief, as I getting treated for it.

We had our last Bradley class on Tuesday. I'm kind of sad the classes are over, even though I know it means baby will be here soon. That was such a great time for me and Michael! We watched a couple really cool videos on breastfeeding. Speaking of, I think I might be starting to lactate a little. I've had some feeling of wetness the last couple of mornings around my left nipple, and then found a spot on my shirt. I still can't fathom that my body is creating milk. So amazing.

I found out some good news with work. For my last month I will be orienting another nurse! This means NOT as much running around and an extra set of hands to help. So much LESS stressful and more likely that I will be able to keep working up to my due date! I was so thankful to hear this news.

We did a few prego pics this last week. Here is a sneak peak:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

33 Weeks!

Getting more and more uncomfortable! Actually, it's mostly when I'm laying down or sitting. So I try to keep moving. That actually helps. I'm still jogging, and that actually gives me more energy. I am starting to have other "issues" though: CHAFFING! That hurts! Plus my girly area is pretty swollen, which I am told is normal. I'm definitely waddling now! Only 7 more weeks to go and 6 more work weeks left. But, who's counting! ;)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

32 Weeks!

Here is a pic of a baby boy at 32 weeks. It's amazing to think that "chunk" looks like that right now. I can't wait to meet my baby. Eight more weeks to go! Let's see, anything new??? Just going to the bathroom about every 2 hours at night now. I guess, It's preparing me for waking up that much after the baby comes. ;) I do feel lots of pressure at times on my bladder and pelvis. I think the baby is head down.

We have only 2 more childbirth classes to go. Last night we had our "big" labor rehearsal with 10 different stations to try labor positions and practice timing contractions. I learned a few things about Mikey. He kept timing the contractions like we were at a sporting event, counting the seconds down at the end of a game. hahaha... I had to tell him to use different words besides "numbers" to tell me how much longer the contraction was going, and only to tell me half way through and nearing the end of one. He is so funny, but SO wonderful and SO supportive. I love him so very much! Last night he got up to get me water, to get me an extra pillow for between my legs, and I think he did some sort of relaxation technique with me that we learned in class. Must have worked, cuz I fell asleep fast! He is SUPER excited to be my "birthing coach". I'm blessed!

We have our first appointment with Mountain Midwifery Birth Center. Here's the link to the site:


I know some people have had concerns that we are not delivering in a hospital. The website might answer some of your questions.

That's all for now!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

31 weeks... Baby, it's cold outside!

I've been up since 6am on a day I don't have to work. My last potty break won the battle of keeping me awake. So, I decided to take a gander at our first 2009 BLIZZARD. Yes, it's true, SNOW, SNOW, and more SNOW. In fact it's been snowing since late Tuesday night and not supposed to stop until tonight (Thursday). I'm sure we have gotten well over a foot! Check this out!

Move over FALL... Winter is here already!

Aside from the excitement of the weather, everything else has been mostly uneventful. We were supposed to have our first appointment at the birth center today, but it was canceled due to the weather, so I will update next week. I'm hitting the potty quite a bit, and feel pressure down yonder! Baby is moving a lot, and I can feel funny sensations right below my stomach - tingling at times. Definitely noticed myself to be a little more short of breath as well. "Chunk" is getting chunky! I'm so glad.

We finally finished decorating the nursery. Here are the latest pics:

I'm glad I don't have to work today! Michael will probably be driving me to work tomorrow. But for now, I will just enjoy another day of being snowed in with the hubby! Funny, I thought our first "real" snowfall would mean baby is around the corner. I hope "chunk" doesn't think this means it's time to come yet. Stay in there little one, it's much much warmer!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

30 Weeks!!!!

30 weeks! I really feel like it's count down time. I am getting super excited about being a Momma! I've got the prego dreams "going on". I was watching "House" the other night with Michael, and I had a dream that Dr. House delivered my baby. The baby was a boy and just kept smiling, which of course made Dr. House a "new" man! hahaha... This baby is changing lives already.

I'm feeling pretty good. Baby's butt is bulging out quite a bit. If you look at the pic on the left, that's how "Chunk" is positioned right now. His/her butt was WAY bulging out the other night when I got up to go potty. I felt this very hard bulge on my right upper abdomen! hahaha... Baby is getting bigger!

We have decided to switch care providers. I had nothing against our previous Midwifery group, but we found a birth center in Englewood, CO that focuses on natural birth. It is 100% in line with our birth plan, and I won't have to worry about constantly voicing our preferences in light of the typical medical model of giving birth at a hospital! We are super excited, and will have to option to have a water birth if we want to do that. We will be able to move around during labor, eat and drink, bring in music, candles, and whatever I want to feel relaxed! We go to our orientation of the center tonight. Their rate of natural childbirth is 90%. And if there are complications, Swedish Hospital is only one block away.
Here's a video clip of one of the labor rooms!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still got it! 29 weeks!

It's a BEAUTIFUL day here in Colorado! Sunny, clear blue skies and 60s out! I must admit, that I was a slug though, most of this day. I woke up at 3am to hit the potty, and couldn't get myself back to sleep. "Chunk" was kicking, hubby snoring and my tummy growling. I decided to go downstairs and get a bowl of cereal. I ended up camping on the couch with a lovely fireplace and 1930s movie called "Three's Love", (I think that is what it was called). The movie was so funny that I didn't get myself back to sleep until 4:30. Slept until 8:30, potty break, slept until 10:30 and finally got myself up. I was justifying my need for sleep from the last three 12 hour work shifts. I had every intention of getting myself outside, but then around 1pm I felt tired again and decided to lay down for another nap. I was thinking how maybe, I should just skip running today. Maybe it's time to stop. But, it was SO nice outside, that I thought I was at least attempt it, and maybe just walk if I felt too uncomfortable. HOWEVER, I guess a run was just what the doctor ordered. I ran over 5 miles, when I was only hopeful for 3. YAY! I guess I needed the rest this morning, and now I feel refreshed. It was a good run too. I felt comfortable through most of it, except for having to pee. :)

Here's a link to one of my favorite running videos!


Congrats to my sister Tracey for running her first marathon! She ran the Chicago Marathon for me and Chunk this past Sunday and averaged 11-12 minute miles running the whole time!!! Hoping to join her next year!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

This blog is a few days late, or should I say "weeks" in coming. On September 27th, Michael and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! It was a great day. We were wanting to go somewhere for a few days, but with trying to conserve our finances and time and schedules, we opted to celebrate just our anniversary day. We had such a fun day. The weather was sunny and comparable to the weather on our wedding day. We started the day with PB banana pancakes and headed to church. After a great message, it was off to the pumpkin patch.

Our wedding flowers!

We made reservations for "The Samba Room" downtown Denver on Larimer Square, where Michael proposed to me. It was kind of funny being pretty pregnant this time. We sat at the same table and had an awesome meal!

Happy Anniversary BABE!!!! I love you!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Aril 5th Platte River 1/2 Marathon

So... it has been quite some time since I have sat down and wrote on this blog. Pretty much since we moved into our house, I have been in another world entirely. I was keeping up with my running, but my excitement was mostly for our first home and making it that way. SO much fun! Needless, to say, I wasn't as thrilled about the upcoming 1/2 marathon that I had signed myself up to run. But, I'm NOT a slacker. I did keep up with the training, just not the blogging. :) I only ran up to 10 miles as my longest pre-race run. However, I had ran that run about 6 times before the race. So, I was a little worried about my endurance; running 3 more miles. YIKES!

The weekend before the race, I ran 9 1/2 miles on Saturday and 7 1/2 miles on Sunday with my friend Lynn. BTW, she is my new running buddy, and I LOVE having someone to keep my accountable. We've ran a few times together, and pretty much talk the whole time, so It's a great girl time too!!! I've always been a solo runner, and enjoyed it. But there is something to be said about running with someone. A definite different kind of enjoyment, that makes those long runs a little less boring. Back to the weekend before the race; I think I overdid it a little, because the resp infection my husband had the previous 2 weeks, finally caught me off guard. I woke up Monday with a sore throat, dizzy head, and overall feeling of being "wiped out". Went to work, and luckily, I was able to leave a few hours early. So, I downed some NyQuil, and headed to sleepy land, after 6 joyful experiences in the bathroom. I will leave out the details.

I was hoping to get at least one more run in before the next weekend, but I couldn't risk holding up my recovery. As it was, I worked two 12 hour shifts the day before the run, and still had a decent cough. On top of all of this the weather was forcasted for an infamous 12" Blizzard the day before the race. Colorado is great in the Winter, but we are now making up for it in the Spring by getting all the snow we did not get in those Winter months. I was dreading this race in that I didn't want to run in 12 inches of snow with my hacking cough. Well, God was good to me!!! No snow! Plus, I got 9 1/2 hours of sleep the night before the race. I NEVER get sleep like that. I'm always too nervous. But, my body really needed it.

Race day was here, and I felt pretty good! Still had my cough, but no dizziness or fever. My legs were so rested from not having run all week, that they were almost running away from me in anticipation of the is race. I felt rested and ready. I wasn't nervous. I knew I had trained, and I just wanted to have fun. The weather was perfect. Sunny and no wind. It was a little cold, but I warmed up right away.

The first mile, I paced myself slower to warm up. I didn't know what to expect of my body after just being sick, and still seeing some of the after shocks. But by mile 2, I felt FABULOUS!!! I picked up my pace to my 10 minute miles and ran the entire rest of the race at that pace. The course was GREAT for a first timer. VERY flat with some slight inclines and declines. There was a steep hill at the end, but it was only about .3 of a mile long. I drank two sips of powerade around every 2 miles, to keep my energy. It was a GREAT run, and my sweet husband was about .3 of a mile before the finish line to greet me. He ran the rest of it taking my pictures and cheering me on! That was the best part. He seemed like he was beaming with pride, that I did as well as I did. He hugged me for a long time. I LOVED being met at the finish line by him. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful man. My actual time was 2.11:52. Right around 10 minute miles. It was GREAT, and I had so much fun.

So, I learned that it is VITAL to rest those legs the week before the race. I was forced to, because I was sick, but it was a blessing in disguise. I was not laying around all week though. I think it was great that I worked those couple days before the race. I was walking a lot at work, so I was getting in a little cross training, which kept me refreshed. My legs felt strong and ready to run on race day! I also learned that I didn't have to run longer than 10 miles before the race, which I was worried about. I had so much adrenaline from being with all the other people, that it gave me added energy. I think it was good though that I did more than one 10miler pre-race. I was used to at least running that amount. What's another 3miles? I am psyched to run another 1/2 marathon. And, I did sign up for the Chicago Marathon in October. CRAZY! Let the training continue.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

02/26/09 run

Well, today was supposed to be my long run, but the weather had a different plan. 40-50 mph winds. I could barely walk in it let alone run. So I am going to do my long run tomorrow. I hit the treadmill today and ran 5 miles a little faster than my 1/2 marathon pace. There are some benefits to running on a treadmill:

1. Easier on the body and joints. Running on pavement is the worst surface to run on.
2. Easier to monitor speed work.
3. A great way to get your heart rate up and work your muscles the day before a long run without the soreness that comes from running on pavement, running hills and working against the wind.

We close on our house tomorrow!!!! :) Final walk through it is 12:30, so I really need to get up early to get this run in. Praying for more tolerable weather!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

02/25/09 Run Ugggg

6 miles, and it felt like it was my first time ever running that distance. I almost stopped around mile 3. From that point on, I just took one mile at a time. My whole body felt super heavy, and my heart rate was faster than normal. It was warmer out today, but not too warm. I guess it was just one of those hard days. I HOPE that the 1/2 marathon is not one of those "hard running days".

14.5 miles so far this week.

Tomorrow is my long run. Goal is 11 miles.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

02/22/09 Run

8.5 miles today. It was a pretty good run. I felt like I could keep going, but I want to gradually increase my miles, so that I don't burn out. Not too windy out and just cool enough to keep me comfortable the whole time.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I ran 5 miles today. It was soooo windy outside, that I ended up inside on the treadmill. But I think this was good. Easier on the joints after yesterday's 10 mile run. I felt good the whole run. I didn't push myself with speed. I ran just under 10 minute miles. I was done in 48 minutes.

Shortest run this week: 5miles
Longest run this week: 10 miles
Total miles this week: 28

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spiritual Truths

"run with patience (endurance, persistence) the race set before us, looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith ... For consider Him that endured ... lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds." (Heb 12:1-3)

As I have literally been training for a race, this verse has new meaning to me. 1. I have to watch what I eat - junk causes me to run sluggish. Spiritually, I have to watch what I put into my mind - junk causes me be spiritually sluggish. 2. I have to be purposeful and already have my mind made up that I will run/train on a particular day and not just hope it happens. Likewise, I have to be purposeful in my time with God. 3. I run where I live. I run in my neighborhood and in my town. I can be used by God where I live in my town, family and where I work. 4. Some runs are long and hard and some are short and easy. The long, hard runs cause me to become stronger. The short easy runs maintain my fitness. If I ran long, hard runs every day, I would break. If I ran short easy runs every day, I would never grow. I need them both. Likewise, God will allow long, hard trials to grow me. I have no passion or excitement during these times, because I only see my weakness. He will also allow shorter, easier trials to maintain me. 5. Sometimes during a long run, I want to run faster so I can get it done. I'm impatient and don't want to wait. But when I run too fast, I burn out and can't finish it. Likewise, God wants me wait for Him. I may try to make myself grow fast so I can get over the trial. But God knows me better than myself, and I must boast in my weakness, give glory to Him and be patient in His timing. 6. I love to watch elite runners and feel very inspired to run better. Jesus is "my elite" inspiration. I must look to Him, so that I don't get weary and faint in my pursuit of loving Him and of righteousness. For I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength. 7. Sometimes when I run I think about the end of the race when everyone is at the finish line and I am met by cheer and encouragement and excitement. I don't do this all the time, because I may have a long way to go. But, it encourages me to keep going. And in our spiritual race, I should think about Heaven and seeing Jesus for the first time. I should think of seeing His face and how happy it will be if I have yielded myself to His guidance over my life. I will know Him and He will know me. How encouraging, exciting and wonderful it will be. 8. Sometimes the last thing I want to do is run. I would rather think about getting a home or spending time with Michael or taking a break. But, I try to remember that if I don't do it, I will decondition and my next run will be even harder and this might cause me not want to do that one either. Sometimes the last thing I want to do it spend time with God. But if I don't do it, I might become indifferent or not see my need for Him. I might not want to spend time with Him the next day either.

GOOD RUNS 02/18 and 02/19

YAY... I feel like I am enjoying my runs again. After 2 long days of work, the second being a 14.5 hour work day, I was a little nervous that my runs were going to suffer. Yesterday I ran a gentle 6 miles. I paced myself a little slower and felt a little tired. I felt like I could have gone further, but I wanted to really just get my heart rate up for about an hour and relax the rest of the day. I'm glad I did this! Today's run was GREAT! I ran at least 10 miles, and I felt good through the whole run! It was sunny and very little wind.

Post run I had some 2 10oz glasses of water, some grapes and carrots. I stretched for 10 minutes, and then an hour later I had a turkey sandwich on wheat with greens and pecans. I am trying to eat the right kinds of carbs, fats and proteins and increase my water intake. Lately I've been eating so much junk and justifying it by the fact that I run so much, but I know I will run even better when I eat right.

So, next week I am going to try for 11 miles on my long run.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

02/15/2009 Run

Today was better. I'm still sore, but not as sore as yesterday. My left hip is hurting a little, but feels like it is getting better. I still haven't had a "GREAT" run in a while, where I feel good through most of it. But, I felt better today than yesterday, so that is good. I ran about 7 miles today. It was nice out with a little wind, but nothing to horrible.

Off to a good start this week. My long run will probably be mid week again this week. I work this coming Saturday.

My 1/2 marathon is 7 weeks from today!!!! :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Run

I LOVE "sleeping in" on my days off!!! I HATE getting up early on the days I have to work when it is still dark outside, and cold when I slide out of bed. I look at Michael and wish a million times that I was sleeping just like him and unaware that it is 5:30 in the morning. So, I treasure the days when I get to sleep in, especially when I wake up and forget that I don't have to work and then remember that "oh yeah, today is my day off". So I curl up next to Michael and drift back to sleep.

This morning was such a morning. When we both finally woke up, we just stayed in bed for a while enjoying the morning light, and being warm in the covers. I adjusted my pillow to snuggle closer to Michael when I realized that the hair tie that was in my hair the night before had once again fallen out and was not in my hair anymore. I have a horrible habit of losing everything, so I am down to about one hair tie. I looked at Michael and said, "I lost another one!!!" I was looking all around in the bed, so he got out of bed to see if it had fallen behind the head board on the floor. He was right and he found it! Then he looked at me and said, there's something else down here, and he pulled out a heart shaped basket filled with chocolate and a lovely leather bound journal with an entry from him inside of it. The journal is a love journal, our love journal that we will record special memories of our relationship throughout the years. His first entry explained this and what the last 4 1/2 months of our budding marriage have meant to him. Tears filled my eyes as I read this, and I thought "God has SO blessed me"! Sometimes I think I have to pinch myself to see if all this is for real! What a great start to a Valentine's Day!

My run today definitely did not match my enthusiasm of the morning. After a raspberry pastry and coffee with the hubby, I was off to my daily run. I had high hopes of running another 10 miles. My high hopes plummeted fast!!! I only ran 6, and I felt sluggish, sore and dizzy most of the run. Michael thinks I might be over-doing it a bit. Perhaps this is true. I ran 10 miles 2 days ago, and then yesterday I worked 12 hours, and was walking or standing for at least 8 hours of that shift. I felt sore when I went to bed, and I felt sore when I got up. I took a hot shower before running, to see if I could get my muscles to loosen up a bit. It helped, but I think I need a bit of rest.

So, I am ready to enjoy the rest of this Valentine's Day with my wonderful husband, and will relax and rest to my heart's content!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

02/12/09 Good run

I ran 10 miles today!!! It was a little easier than my last 10 mile run, so that was encouraging. The weather was chilly, but no wind and the sun was out. I had to make up for the fact that I did not run yesterday!!! I kept putting it off to the point that I didn't have any time for it. But I feel good that I got one good long run in instead of 2 shorter ones. I hope to run another 10 miler on Saturday. I hope the weather is nice out. Pretty sure I kept my 10 minute mile pace the entire time, and I didn't feel worn out at the end, which is good.

I took my first ice bath today post run. Well, I filled the tub with cold water and sat my bottom half in it. I kept my jacket and hat on and read a magazine for 10 minutes. BRRRRRR.... but it did help. I don't feel that sore, so I will have to keep doing this after my long runs. No back pain today, so YAY!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

02/08/09 Run

This morning Michael and I went to church. We went to the early service. Our church is currently doing a sermon series on John 3:16. At first when I heard we were doing this series, I had a bit of a negative attitude about it. I was SURE that it was going to be a wishy-washy series on what God does for us, focusing on how He is here for us rather than us being here for Him. I am realizing a lot about myself in spite of my preconceived notions of how these sermons were not going to shape my holiness or convict me. I want to earn my way to God. I do. In light of my imperfections, I want to fix them. I can't stand the thought of standing before God one day and having a wasted life to look back upon. I want transformation, healing, and holiness to be more than evident in my life. I WANT to do the right thing. But, I guess in all these, more often than not, vain attempts to secure righteousness, I have mistaken living for Him as saving myself. I CAN'T save myself, no matter how hard I try. And there have been certain times in my life when I have been keenly aware of the fact. But lately, I have been trying to earn my way again. Why am I doing this? Lot's to think about. I talked to my Pastor a bit after the sermon, which I believe was a God ordained meeting. I was secretly wanting to ask him why he wasn't focussing more on "faith with works" instead of the "grace-talk" he was sharing with the congregation. He reminded me of 2 words that I have heard before and even know a little about them. They are "sanctification" and "justification". I am justified because I believe in what Christ did for me on the cross! I am sanctified in this life when I combine that faith with my actions. Justification is the gift that never changes. Sanctification can waver when I am not pursuing the things of God on a daily basis. So much to learn about this.

I know this is a running blog, but it's Sunday, and these have been my thoughts lately. I did run today. 7 miles. It was nice out, and I felt pretty good through most of the run. My lower back started to hurt a tad toward the end. That has never happened before. I hope I'm not overdoing anything.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

02/07/09 Run

I can't believe it! I signed up for the Chicago Marathon for next October. Am I crazy or what??!! It is a life goal. I want to at least do one. So I really have to train now. I did my 10 mile run today, and I was thinking how that is not even half of what I will be running. But, I know I need to not think that far down the road. I am making progress and that is what is exciting.

Today was a hard run though. I really can tell my glycogen stores are depleted after about 7 miles of running. The last 3 miles were really hard. I really need to start bringing some Gatorade on these long runs with me. The first 5 miles was incline and against the wind. By the time I turned around, I was "feeling it". I went on a trail today too, so psychologically it was a little more challenging. When I run my normal course, I can tell myself where I am, or only one more hill then the rest is easy. But today I didn't really know what to expect. But that is good I guess. When I run my 1/2 it will be the first time running that course.

All in all, I did pretty well this week.

Today 10miles
This week 28 miles

Friday, February 6, 2009

02/06/09 Run

Tomorrow is my long run!!! 10 miles! I hope it's not too windy out or that I feel fatiqued. But, you never know. Today was really really windy. 15-30 mph winds. But I ran outside in it. Only 6 miles today, and the plan this week was to make 2 of my runs 7 milers. But I am still adjusting to working these 12 hour shifts at work.

8 weeks till the Platte River 1/2

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wed 02/04/2009 Run

I woke up at 6:15 this morning, and I should have gotten up. I felt rested and awake, but I wanted to sleep in, since this is my day off from work. So, I made myself go back to sleep until 8:30. My run today was sluggish. I ran 6 miles instead of 7. Boo on me. :( Did I get too much sleep last night? (I slept 10 hours!) Was I tired from 2 twelve hour work days of being on my feet? Is it just mid-week fatigue? I don't know. So, I might get up on Friday whenever my body wakes me up. If that is early, then I get up early! We'll see if that makes a difference.

Watched "Spirit of the Marathon" last Friday night!!! GREAT movie, and I will suggest anyone who runs to watch it. REALLY inspirational. The documentary follows 5 different runners, some elite and some first-time marathoners. AND, one of the runners is 75 years old!!! It made the point that anyone can run a marathon with the right training and hard work.

Beautiful day today! 65 degrees, so Michael and I are going to Boulder today for a good hike!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

02/01/09 Running Blog

6 mile run after church. Sunny but colder today and a little windy. I still wore shorts, and my legs were bright red when I got home. My body was sore from my last couple of runs, but my breathing was much better. Not as tired today! Could have gone further, but don't want to overdue it. I work the next 2 days... 12 hour shifts, so my next run will be Wednesday.

The Chicago Marathon registration opens today!!!!!

9 weeks till my 1/2 in Littleton.

Off to the Spicy Pickle now with the hubby! Happy Super Bowl!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Run Jan 31, 2009

Well, I have a mild excuse for my lower mileage this week. "Aunt Flow" came last night. This was one of the more exhausting PMS sessions I have ever had. It may have been a combination of also starting a new job. But man, I was exhausted this entire week. Today I ran 5 &1/2 miles. Not my best, not my worst. It was nice out but REALLY windy! I could feel yesterday's run reminding me to take it easy. I am glad that I got my long run in this week, which is the most important.

Next week I would like to run 4 days. One 6 mile day, two 7 mile days and.... my one 10 mile day. There are my goals.. we'll see how I do.

This week's miles: 25
Today 5 1/2

Friday, January 30, 2009

Running Week Blog Jan 26-30

So far I have only ran 3 times this week. I still have another run due tomorrow. So this blog is not my complete milliage for this week. But thought I would do the 3 runs I have done so far in one blog, since I have been a little behind in my writing.

Still exhausted! Very cold and icy out. -2 degrees on my way to work. BRRRRRR Very different from last Monday's balmy 60-70 degrees. Ran inside on the treadmill 4 miles. I felt tired and wanted only to do 3 miles, but pushed myself to 4. Cross trained on bike for 20 minutes afterward. Was very glad that I worked out today

Got off work early. Still frigid temps outside. Not sure if I am coming down with something. My body was achy and I felt exhausted. I laid down to take a nap before my work-out. Just could not bring myself to make it to the treadmill. Stayed home from Bible study too! Went to bed at 8:30.

Feeling a little more refreshed. Still not myself. Have the day off from work. Ran 6 miles outside, and the first 3 were really challenging for me. Not my normal pace. But was glad I was able to get 6 miles in for the day.

Worked my first 12 hour shift on my floor. No running for me today. TIRED!!!! Got home and went out to dinner with the hubby! LOVE spending time with him!!!

Feeling better, but not completely up to par yet. The plan was to run 6 miles outside. GREAT weather. 50 degrees, sunny and little wind. I wasn't feeling too bad, so I switched it up and made today my long run day. Ran 9 MILES TODAY!!! YAY!!! Pretty tired by the end though, but I know I did a full 9!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

01/24/2009 Running Blog

Well, I didn't make it to quite 9 miles. I thought I did, but I must have been a half mile off in my calculations according to my time (unless I am amazingly picking up my pace). So, I ran 8.5 miles today, and I pushed myself the whole way. It's amazing how fatigued I feel right before starting my period. My legs felt like lead, my breathing was labored, and my heart rate was higher than normal. What a difference from last week's long run where I felt strong and invincible. But, it was a challenge, and challenges are always good. So I'll give myself a pat on the back, and look forward to next week's running goals.

This week: 26.5 miles
Today: 8.5 miles

01/23/09 Running Blog

I did NOT want to run yesterday. It' around that time of the month, and all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and eat, eat, eat!!!! The weather is much colder than the AMAZING earlier temps of the week. I'm sure it's not quite as bad as the Midwest, but I have been spoiled lately. Lacing up and going out in the cold did not sound appealing to me at all. On a side note, Michael and I made an offer on a home this week, and it was accepted!!! So my normal excitement for my runs is in big time competition with all my dreams of owning a home. And it's a darling home with room to grow as a family. We are SUPER excited. Went to Home Depo and looked at paint colors, moulding, tiling... so FUN! So, all I wanted to do yesterday was eat, look at pics our home, and dream/talk about all the ways we will (hopefully) make it ours! I did not want to run.

I read a little article on runner's world yesterday to try and get some inspiration. The author stated that when he is "in decision" as to whether or not he is going to run that day, he asks himself this simple question: "Am I going to push myself or wimp out today." I could have made a million excuses for not going on my run: The monthly girl time, new job, new home, exhausted and so forth. But I kept thinking of elite athletes, and how they go anyway. While I didn't make it outdoors, I did hit the gym. Ran 3 miles on the treadmill and did 20 minutes of the stationary bike. I'm glad I made myself go.

Today is my long run: 9 miles. It's a beautiful sunny day. A little chilly, but no wind! I hope to be back on my blog later logging in this run.

Only 10 weeks till my 1/2 marathon!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Running Blog Jan 20th & 22

Jan 20
Ran 6 miles outside. Great weather again! Had to have run a little more than 6 and I know it's been easier and easier lately to do these runs. Def less than 10min miles!!!

Jan 22
SUPER WINDY!!!! But, I ran 6 more miles today and my pace was still pretty good. Felt good and not exhausted after my run.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jan 18, 2009 Running Blog

Ran with the hubby today! AMAZING weather. 63 degrees and sunny. We went to the Big Dry Creek Trail in Westminster. Only ran 3 miles, but at a really good pace today! I pushed myself to run a little faster, and I felt good.

Start my new job tomorrow. Running will be in the evenings this week.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

01/17/2009 Running Blog

Beautiful weather again!!!

Ran outside an easy 6 miles. Around mile 6, I started getting a runner's high. I just felt like I could keep running forever. But all the sudden, I had to go to the bathroom! And I had to go bad!!! Luckily, I was not far from home. I barely made it to the bathroom in time. Got some water and checked my e-mail. Wasn't feeling tired. I still felt really good. So, I ran some more. Because it was getting dark outside, I went to the treadmill and ran 2 more miles.

Total miles today 8.2
Total miles this week: 28.2
Total miles last week: 29.5

Friday, January 16, 2009

Running Blog Jan 15&16


Jan 15
Put off running till later in the day. Big mistake! Beautiful day, NO WIND, started running outside and got horrible side pain. Usually I can run them through, but not this one! It was obviously from the raspberry concrete shake from Culvers. Gotta pay for guilty pleasures I guess. Came back home waited for another hour. Dark outside, so went to the treadmill. Ran 4 miles with the side pain, but not as bad. Stationary bike for 15 min at levels 4 &5.

Jan 16
Ran outside today. Sunny and over 50 degrees. Wore a tank top in the middle of January! Lovin CO. But the wind was against me on all my hills. I was TIRED!!! Pushed myself to just run a little under 5 miles. Geez!!! I hope tomorrow is a better day. So far this week isn't looking so good.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jan 15, 2009 Gen 43-45

Gen 43-45
The Conclusion of the Story of Joseph

What I have learned from this story actually relates to scripture from the New Testament:

Mark 8:35
"...because whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and for the gospel will save it."

Now, I know that Joseph did not have the Gospel, but he wanted to honor God above all else. When it appeared as though he was losing his life - sold into slavery, abandoned by his own family, falsely accused, imprisoned - God was creating life in him. Joseph had to put God first and totally rely on Him. His brothers were seeking their own lives, by seeking favor first from their earthly father instead of their Heavenly Father. They hated that their father loved Joseph more than them. God gave Joseph the wealth of Egypt. Joseph did not get it himself. He simply trusted God and honored Him above everyone. His brothers, who were seeking their own ways and not God's ways, were actually in danger of losing their lives.

We do not trust God to gain wealth. He may or may not give us this. But He always gives us life. And when even just one person has the Life of Christ in their hearts and truly lives it out, that life spills over to others. This story was not about Joseph (God could have used any man in His plan), but it is about the amazing works God can do in a life yielded completely to Him.

Is my life completely yielded to Christ? Do I try to control and manipulate situations to get them the way that I want them? Do I have complete dependence on Him while knowing I am fully responsible to rely on Him? God, help me. Convict me and show me YOUR ways. "Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these other things will be added to you."

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jan 14, 2009 Gen 41-42

Gen 41
Joseph is still in prison. Meanwhile, Pharaoh has 2 dreams which greatly disturb him. No one in all the land, including the wise men and magicians, can interpret the dream. The chief cup bearer remembers Joseph. For while the chief cup bearer was in prison, Joseph interpreted his dream as well as the dream of the chief baker. Pharaoh is told of Joseph, and he is brought before Pharoh. Pharaoh states to Joseph that he has heard that Joseph is able to interpret dreams. Joseph gives the glory to God, and states that he cannot, but God can. WOW, Joseph is standing before the most powerful ruler in the world, and he does not credit himself but only God. God gives to us and takes away. He allowed Joseph to be sold into slavery, and then allowed for him to serve under Potiphar. He was falsely accused, and then sent to prison for at least 2 years. But God is with Joseph. Joseph was favored by his father, but hated by his brothers. Favored by Potiphar, but then thrown into prison. Maybe Joseph realized in all this time, that it is useless to seek the favor of man. For that favor is here today and gone tomorrow. But God remains forever.

Gen 42
After God gives Joseph the interpretation of the dream, Pharaoh declares Joseph the second highest ruler in Egypt. Prison today, ruler tomorrow. After the 7 years of plenty, the famine begins to spread in all the land. Only Egypt has grain due to rationing of it during the plentiful years. Joseph is in charge of selling the grain. One day a group of brothers from Canaan come to buy food, and Joseph recognizes them as his own brothers. But they do not recognize him. Joseph accuses them of being spies, and keeps one of the brothers imprisoned until they verify their story by bringing back the youngest brother who is home with Joseph's father.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

01/10/2008 Running Blog

I ran 8 miles outside at 10mph pace!! Very excited! This is the longest I have ever ran!

01/12/09 Running Blog

Ran 2 miles outside after 3-4 inch snow fall with wind gusts about 30mph. Went inside on treadmill and ran 3 miles in 26 minutes then 12 minutes on stationary bike at level 4.

01/13/09 Running Blog

Ran 3 miles outside. Very windy!! 30mph gusts. Heading to the treadmill now.

Ran 3 more miles on treadmill at 9.2 min/mile. Sore from yesterday's speedwork.

Total miles today 6.

Jan 13, 2009 Gen 38-40

God, I really really want to be all that YOU desire for me to be in order to glorify YOU! Show me how to see YOUR glory and YOUR plans. It's so easy for me to seek my glory and try to make my own plans. But, everything is all about you and for you. Even when I don't see that, because I am distracted by my own selfishness. Show my how to live in the truth of who YOU are. Holy Spirit convict me when pride and selfishness blind me from loving God and loving others. My life is YOUR life. I would NOT be where I am today, without YOU. Without YOU God, I am nothing. But with YOU, I have life and purpose. Show me that! Help me to be willing to be broken again and again in order to be made into whatever you will for me.

Gen 38
The story of Tamar. I was talking to a good friend last night. Both of us were discussing how to overcome adversity. God allows His children to go through things, sometimes horrible, that they have no control over. We were both talking about our childhoods. I am often ashamed to admit where I came from, and the choices I have made in my past. I wish so much that I had come from a Godly, upright home. But I did not. She did not. She encouraged me again to see how God uses those very circumstances to glorify Himself. The things I would like to hide from others, I should be sharing with them to give the Glory to God. God does allow children to be born into circumstances that are not what we would choose for children. BUT, I have seen how He has healed me. I realize that everything I am is all HIM. I would not have known the way. He showed it to me.
Tamar is given in marriage to Judah's firstborn son. But, this son was wicked in God's eyes, so God allowed Him to die. Tamar is now given to the next son. He is to fulfill an offspring for his brother, but does not do it. What he did was wicked in God's eyes, so he allowed the second son to die. So, Tamar is sent back to her father's household until the third son grew up. But when he does, she is not given to him. She disguises herself as a prostitute, and Judah sleeps with her and she conceives. She bares twins. Perez, the firstborn, is an ancestor of Christ. God used the sins of many and turned them into a plan. Children born into sinful situations, and God uses it.
Ch. 39-40
Joseph is now in Egypt and a servant for Potiphar, one of Pharoh's officials. God prospers Joseph and everything he does; so much that Potiphar entrusts everything in the household into Josheph's care. Potiphar's wife wants Joseph to sleep with her, but he refuses. She continues to tempt him, and when she sees that he will not sleep with her, she lies and states that he made advances towards her. Joseph is thrown into prison. God is with Joseph in prison. Again, unfair situations that God is allowing for a greater purpose.

What have I learned today? God can use anyone, anytime, from any family, for His purpose. He allows those He uses to go through suffering. Suffering through a sinful situation does not disqualify a person, from being used of God. Actually, it seems like God allows this to happen a lot. Why? Maybe because suffering makes us realize that we don't get ourselves anywhere. Only God does this.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan 12, 2009 Gen 35-37

Gen 35
God commands Jacob to take his family and go to Bethel. Now, Jacob tells his family to get rid of all the foreign gods they had. It does not say that God told him to get rid of these. Just that God commanded him to go to Bethel and build an alter for the Lord. In ch 34. they had settled near a cannanite city. Jacob's daughter Dinah was defiled by a man who wanted to marry her. The Cannanite's persuaded Jacob to intermarry with them. But, Jacob's sons kill all the males in the city including the one Dinah marries, because he had defiled their sister. Israel is worried that they will be surrounded and attacked by other cannanites. God comes on the scene and tells them to go to Bethel.

Although, Jacob and his family followed the Lord, they also had foreign gods among them. Interesting that Jacob does not rid his household of the foreign gods until he is desparate for God's protection. He had everything dear to him at stake, because of his family's actions. God does not command him to get rid of them. Jacob knows, that he cannot worship God with these foreign gods around.

Ch. 36
Jacob's and Esau's descendents.

Ch. 37
Joseph is the second youngest son of Jacob, born of Rachel. He favors Joseph over his other sons, which causes jealousy and hatred among them towards their brother Joseph. Joseph has more than one dream of objects bowing down to him, which he tells to his brothers and father. This adds further insult to injury. His brothers hate him even more. Did Joseph thrive on the knowledge of his father's favoritism towards him? Did the dreams make him prideful? The text doesn't really say for sure. Joseph's brothers sell him to Egyptians, instead of killing him.