Tuesday, December 22, 2009

39 weeks (Quick Update)

We had our midwife appointment today. Some progress, but not as much as I had hoped. I'm now 80% effaced, baby is way low, and I have basically lost most of my mucous plug. GROSS! Anyway, I'm still contracting away, but nothing really regular or strong enough.

I work tomorrow and Christmas Eve, unless something happens. I feel like a "time bomb" or something. Blah! I hope I don't have to make a 40 week post!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Patience, Patience, Patience... 38.4 weeks pregnant

I think the worst thing about being at the end of a pregnancy, is having your body go through so many changes EXCEPT for the big change - Having the baby. Ugggg.... it's such a tease. I continue to have the abdominal cramping, some lower back aches, pelvic pressure, and braxton hicks. The strongest braxton hicks were on Thursday. After my last blog, I had another 40 minute stretch of contractions about 5 minutes apart and then they stopped. Since then, they have been mild and irregular. I think it would almost be easier if I was having no early labor signs, to obsess over and just jumped straight into labor. I worked on Friday after being up all night the night before. I still can't sleep! Our census dropped at work, and luckily, I was placed on call for Saturday. I was able to get a good night's rest on Friday - 10 hours! Yesterday, I tried to keep myself occupied. I jogged 3 miles, walked 3 miles, we greeted at church last night, went out to dinner. I had some "Drunkin Noodle" YUM at Thai house - very spicy! I have basically everything that we need for baby! Clothes are washed and folded, hospital bag mostly packed, house scrubbed and cleaned last week - floors, bathrooms, guest room! I'm ready for company, ready for Christmas, and ready for BABY! Baby is just not ready for us yet! :( Michael has his heart set on a Christmas day baby. It's so funny that to me that seems way too far away, but it would be the best birthday present for him. So... I will wait, as if I have a choice.

We have another appointment on Wednesday morning. I will update again, unless..... :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chunk may be a Christmas baby after all!

As of last Friday, I began having lower abdominal cramping and lots of pressure. On Saturday while I was at work, it was worse. The cramps felt like menstrual cramps. They have remained constant throughout the last few days. I've had lots of Braxton Hicks contractions as well. I'm going to the bathroom a lot more too. EIGHT times one night!

Anyway, I think baby has REALLY dropped this time. We had a midwife appointment today, and my curiosity got the best of me, and I let them do a cervical check. First, I measured 35cm! Last week I measured 38 I think! Baby dropped 3cm in one week! HR was the lowest it's ever been 120s-130s! I explained about the cramping and pressure. She checked me and baby is engaged and I'm 60% effaced! My cervix is also anterior now and she said opened a little (not sure what that means)! I'm also releasing small parts of my mucous plug, which she had on her hand afterwards. Sorry if TMI. She was really excited and said that all of these are signs of early labor!

Well, Chunk could be here before you know it! I'm trying to not get too excited, because I have friends who have remained in this situation for a good few weeks! But, it's encouraging to know that things are moving along!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

37 weeks!

I am officially considered full term! That being said, I could still have another 4-5 weeks to go. Uggg... for first time Mommies, the average length of gestation is 41 weeks and 2 days. That could put me as far away as January 8th before having our little "chunk". AND, "chunk" is packing on the pounds! I measured 39cm today and my midwife guessed around 7 pounds for weight! I gained 3lbs in one week! I don't really care, because I am still exercising and have been watching what I eat. If I gain, I gain and will have a healthier little bundle!

I'm feeling pretty good. Yesterday was a GREAT day. Michael has been going to the gym with me to work out, so that has made me more encouraged to go. Yesterday I ran 4 miles in 44 minutes and felt great! I think I had a head cold last week, so I had felt like a giant slug. Now I'm getting my energy back! However, my biggest issue with this pregnancy continues to be insomnia! I just can't sleep more than 4-6 hours it seems in a night. I wake up every morning between 4-6am, and can't fall back asleep. Plus, I feel like I'm starving and just have to have a bowl of cereal. Well, hopefully I'll get enough sleep before I go into labor!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

36 weeks - Santa baby, just slip a baby under the tree, FOR ME!

Less than 4 weeks to go... well until my due date. I can't believe how fast and slow this is going. I am really starting to feel the pregnancy now. The last few days, I've been pretty exhausted. I'm still working, but on the days I'm not, I spend my time recovering. It's amazing how tired I am. I think part of this is due to my constant interrupted sleep pattern at night. I wake up every 2-3 hours to potty and then, usually around 4am I can't fall back asleep. Ugggg... and I know it gets worse after baby is here. I'm not much fun for Michael, but he has been very supportive of me.

Yesterday we went to a Christmas party, and I slipped on ice outside and fell. Imagine I giant prego flying through the air, landing on her back side (good thing my butt is extra padded right now) and then I really couldn't get up! I just laid on the ground, rolling side to side trying to muster the strength to get up, my ginger bread cookies ruined (of which Michael frosted for me), and tears were brimming in my eyes. So humiliating, well, at the time. It's kind of funny now looking back. Michael was SO sweet and so concerned, and I just love him so much. I'm so thankful for him. I'm truly blessed with a wonderful man! I can't wait to see him as a Daddy! He'll be great! Anyway, I'm fine. Not a single bruise. But I don't walk outside at all unless my man is there to hold on to... at least while there is snow outside.

We had another midwife appointment yesterday. HR is 141. I'm measuring right on target. I had my first cervical check, since they were checking anyway for group B-strep. I have been feeling so much pressure down there at times, and I have been having lots of Braxton Hicks. No news. I'm -2 station, cervix closed and while baby is head down and in good position, not yet engaged. This means I'll be at least 2 more weeks for sure! Baby hasn't really dropped yet like I thought. Oh, well. More time in the oven is good for chunk, no matter how impatient and cranky I get.

Michael got the lights up on the house! I LOVE Christmas! He did a great job! Check it out: