Monday, February 22, 2010

A few moments...

I have a few moments before my pumpkin gets up from her nap and Daddy gets home. I will hopefully be able to update better next week after her 2 month check-up! But, here are some pics; that's the best part anyway. Oh, I am going to post some of Annabelle the day she was born as well. That way we can see how much she has changed.

With Momma for the first time!

My Birthday!

5lbs 14oz

I still love to cry...

But now I smile!!! I'm over 8 pounds!

Friday, February 5, 2010

By Request!

Ok, so I've already had several comments from the fam about new pics. I finally have an entire hour to sit in front of the computer and update my blog! Michael has been making calls and working hard Monday through Friday all day at this computer in his office. So, it's rare that he's not using it AND that Annabelle is napping at the same time! SO nice. :) So let's get some updates going here.

Updates on Momma

I'm doing great! I had my 6 week post-partum check up this week, and everything is where it should be... uterus is back in place, sutures "down there" are gone, and "down there" is all better! The only things not quite in place are "the girlies" upstairs! Ha! I feel like an old woman some times, they are beyond big and heavy. Uggg.... but they are working and giving Miss Annabelle her meals! I've been able to get back into my running. I started a little earlier than recommended, but I couldn't help it. Even a half hour outside in the morning gives me the energy to get through the day! I was so excited today to get a 5 mile run in and I felt great afterwards. One thing that is nice about Daddy working from home is that Mommy can get away for an hour here and there to work out! I'm BLESSED! And, I am really starting to love being a Mommy to my sweet heart. It was rough the first month, but the last two weeks have been better. We are into a routine and I am learning to be more patient. My favorites times with her are the mornings! She is alert and contented! So sweet!

Updates on Daddy

Michael is now working two jobs. Before he started X-Treme Challenge, he sold and ran career fairs out of Chicago. He is now doing this again part time in the Denver area, Phoenix and Salt Lake City areas. He sells and runs one fair a month, so he will do a little traveling, but not much. He is working HARD! But mostly he is at home with us which is nice. He will only be doing this during the winter months, and then focus on X-treme Challenge during the summer since that is when they are most busy. We have been praying about me staying home with Annabelle, so this is a nice supplement for my income. I will still work one day a week to keep up with my skills, but I like to think of myself as a "stay-at-home" Mom! What a good provider we have in our family!

Updates on Annabelle

The little peanut is now over 8lbs! She will be 6 weeks on Sunday! Time flies! I think most of her weight is in height. She is long but looks tiny still. Her clothes are baggy on the sides, but short on her arms and legs. She now tracks with her eyes, and turns her head to follow Mommy. AND, she knows her Momma. This is the best feeling in the world. For instance, the other night we put her down for a nap during our dinner time. I put her in her room and, of course, as soon as the first bite of food goes into my mouth, I hear crying. Not whimpering, full blown screaming. I tried to wait for a couple of minutes, but could not stand it. Upstairs I went, and into her room. She was still screaming, I picked her up, and she was instantly sleeping! I couldn't believe it. I took her downstairs and she was out! hahahaha But, she loves Momma! So amazing! She is sleeping pretty well at night. I usually put her down around 11pm and the last two nights I've had to wake her up to eat around 3:30am. She is then up again around 7am. YAY! I feel like nights are getting more normal now.

So, here is what everyone really wants to see - Miss Annabelle!