Sunday, November 14, 2010


Satan was beautiful,
Reflecting the Most High,
But Satan FELL in love with himself,
The beginning, his soul to die,
Satan became ugly,
Only God could see,
That Satan was, after all, deceived.

Man was beautiful,
Reflecting the Most High,
But man FELL in love with himself,
The beginning, his soul to die,
Man became ugly,
And, only God could see,
Man was, also, after all, deceived.

Another man was beautiful,
Reflecting the Most High,
Offering, in love, Himself,
Through blood, pain and cries,
Wounds, mutilated flesh,
No loveliness for the common eye,
This man was, after all, despised.

Satan rejoicing,
Satan planning,
His victory complete,
Relishing inwardly,
Thinking secretly,
Man's ultimate defeat.

But Satan roams in darkness,
His eyes always on himself,
Unable to acknowledge reality,
Where true glory dwells.

If for just a moment,
Man would lift his eyes,
To see a new light reflecting,
The glory of the Most High,
He would hear HIS soul shouting,
"Wake up, O sleeper, from the dead,
New life has been given to you
Now, be born again!"

Yes, Satan is clever,
In this way, he often leads,
But this, must be remembered,
To deceive, is, after all, to be deceived!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Momma's new hobby

Some still life shots that I've taken recently. Michael and I just bought a Cannon D60. So far, I'm really ENJOYING it!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Welcome Fall

I love this time of year! Thought I would upload a few pics of Miss Annabelle. She is doing wonderful - crawling all over the house, standing on her own at times, and even going up the stairs now. She's eating cheerios, and chunky baby food. Wow, this times goes by so fast. I must say that the holidays are seeming even more exciting, shall I even say, "magical", with a little one around. Her excitement just overflows into me and Michael. We are so blessed.
Happy Baby

Lil Lady "Belle"

"Best Smile" goes to...

Daddy's "love"