Wednesday, November 25, 2009

35 Weeks!

I'm still feeling pretty good! My only main issue, is that I have developed a pregnancy rash I think. I have these little bumps on my chest, some on my abdomen, and on my back. They look like I'm breaking out with acne, except that they ITCH like the dickens. I'm fortunate so far that I haven't gotten any stretch marks! I do have a very faint Linea nigra on my abdomen. Lot's of contractions too! Nothing regular though, and they aren't painful. Yesterday, when I was out for my jog, I felt some "leaking". It actually only happened one time. I was a little nervous that it was amniotic fluid. I was thinking that as much as I'd love to see my baby, he/she needs to cook at least a few more weeks. I determined, it must have been urine, since it only happened one time. I think baby has dropped, I feel "lower" and everyone keeps telling me I look "lower". Lot's of pressure.

Last week I mentioned that I thought I was starting to lactate! I definitely am! I have felt the "let-down" sensation several times. It feels like a tingling sensation in my nipples. Once I felt it in the shower, and was able to express some milk out of my breasts. It's amazing how God has created our bodies to support another life. What a gift!

So much to do still! We need to pack our bag, set up our hospital tour, and decide on a pediatrician. This is actually the hard part, since Michael and I are VERY undecided about certain kinds of vaccinations. We definitely DO NOT want the Hep B vaccine when the baby is born. I for sure want to delay it, and may not want it at all. So, we need to find someone who will be more flexible about the medical model of vaccines. There is quite a bit of controversy over the Hep B vaccine given right after birth, as the baby has not yet full developed their central nervous system. The ingredients in the vaccine have been linked to autism (thimerisal) and Alzheimer's (aluminum).

Back to the Hospital!
So, after SEVERAL hours on the phone with our insurance company, and 6 different answers and being transferred who knows how many times, it was finally decided that there was no way to determine if they would cover the actual birth at the birth center. UGGGG.... this was SO frustrating, as I thought I had all my ducks in a row. I'm a naive girl I guess. Anyway, we are back with our previous Midwifery group and will be delivering at the North Suburban Medical center after all. They were very gracious and understanding about our attempts to go to the birth center and took us back, no questions. I guess I was afraid they wouldn't take us back or something (hahaha... Christmas baby with no room in the inn)! We just don't want to get stuck with a $1600 bill after baby is born (which was a possibility at the birth center) and for sure everything is covered at the hospital.

Well, I think that is it for this week. I can't believe how fast all this is going. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

34 Weeks!

I had another midwife appointment yesterday. Everything looks good with baby. I gained 3 more pounds and am measuring right at 34 cm. "Chunk" was moving around quite a bit. The heart rate was 165 this time! The last 10 weeks it has been in the 130s and 140s. This baby keeps us guessing, but that is fine; we want that SURPRISE!

I do have a yeast infection. YUCK. I'll spare you the details. I thought I did, but wasn't sure. Turns out the swelling down there is in part due to this. This makes me feel better, knowing I will have some relief, as I getting treated for it.

We had our last Bradley class on Tuesday. I'm kind of sad the classes are over, even though I know it means baby will be here soon. That was such a great time for me and Michael! We watched a couple really cool videos on breastfeeding. Speaking of, I think I might be starting to lactate a little. I've had some feeling of wetness the last couple of mornings around my left nipple, and then found a spot on my shirt. I still can't fathom that my body is creating milk. So amazing.

I found out some good news with work. For my last month I will be orienting another nurse! This means NOT as much running around and an extra set of hands to help. So much LESS stressful and more likely that I will be able to keep working up to my due date! I was so thankful to hear this news.

We did a few prego pics this last week. Here is a sneak peak:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

33 Weeks!

Getting more and more uncomfortable! Actually, it's mostly when I'm laying down or sitting. So I try to keep moving. That actually helps. I'm still jogging, and that actually gives me more energy. I am starting to have other "issues" though: CHAFFING! That hurts! Plus my girly area is pretty swollen, which I am told is normal. I'm definitely waddling now! Only 7 more weeks to go and 6 more work weeks left. But, who's counting! ;)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

32 Weeks!

Here is a pic of a baby boy at 32 weeks. It's amazing to think that "chunk" looks like that right now. I can't wait to meet my baby. Eight more weeks to go! Let's see, anything new??? Just going to the bathroom about every 2 hours at night now. I guess, It's preparing me for waking up that much after the baby comes. ;) I do feel lots of pressure at times on my bladder and pelvis. I think the baby is head down.

We have only 2 more childbirth classes to go. Last night we had our "big" labor rehearsal with 10 different stations to try labor positions and practice timing contractions. I learned a few things about Mikey. He kept timing the contractions like we were at a sporting event, counting the seconds down at the end of a game. hahaha... I had to tell him to use different words besides "numbers" to tell me how much longer the contraction was going, and only to tell me half way through and nearing the end of one. He is so funny, but SO wonderful and SO supportive. I love him so very much! Last night he got up to get me water, to get me an extra pillow for between my legs, and I think he did some sort of relaxation technique with me that we learned in class. Must have worked, cuz I fell asleep fast! He is SUPER excited to be my "birthing coach". I'm blessed!

We have our first appointment with Mountain Midwifery Birth Center. Here's the link to the site:

I know some people have had concerns that we are not delivering in a hospital. The website might answer some of your questions.

That's all for now!