Sunday, March 30, 2014

Taper Time

My half-marathon is this coming Sunday, April 6th!  I am in taper mode, which I LOVE!  It is so nice to take things easy!  Last week I had a fairly good week of training.  My long run was 13 miles, I had 2 tempo runs, and maxed out my mileage at 40 miles, plus I worked about 25 hours at the hospital (on my feet), and chased around 2 little nuggets.  This taper week is much needed and very welcomed.

My goal pace for this 1/2 is 7:45.  I honestly don't know if I can do this or not.  I was able to run 6 miles a week ago outside around 7:40 pace overall.  I was coming off a pretty hard week of training as well, and my legs felt heavy.  The week before I ran 5 around 7:32 overall pace outside and I felt really good!   I am almost positive I will PR, since my last 1/2 was 3 years ago and right at 2:00.  I know I can run this on my worst day.  I did run a 15K last fall at 7:54 pace, so I am excited to see how things go.

I am SUPER excited for the warmer weather and the longer days!  The treadmill and I are in need of break!  I love running outside early in the morning when no one is up yet!  It just does something to set my day in the right direction.

And an update from the fam:

Relaxin at the Library

Joey enjoying his walk in Golden

Helping Dad clean at our gym???  :)

First time on the rock climbing wall!

Racing this coming weekend?
Morning runner?
Favorite Season?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

I guess I should update.

I am exhausted right now.  Getting over the week!  :)  It's been a long enough time since I have updated and I just don't feel that I can encapsulate that last month in a post.  I have decided that I am NOT a very good blogger, because I just don't have the motivation to keep it up.  But I am so happy when I look back on posts, so I am TRYING!  But, I know I will never be "blogger of the month".  ;)

Running has been going pretty well!  I had a PR tempo outside last Sunday 5 miles at 7:32 and I felt great!   Yesterday's long run was turned into a tempo run.  I did 3.5 miles warm up 5.5 miles around 8 min pace with last 3 under 8 min pace and 1 mile cool down (11 miles total)!  Should have been 13, but I had a cold on Wednesday and Thursday and needed to sleep in on Friday.  I just couldn't squeeze in the last 2 miles.  My 1/2 is April 6th.  I think I am aiming a little too high for a 7:45 pace.  I am guessing I will be more of an 8 min pace and if I can be just under that I will be happy.  But I will train for 7:45.  I am guaranteed a PR, because my last 1/2 was 2 hours exactly.  Unless I am sick, I will have no problem with a speedier outcome!

Hopefully I will have a much more exciting post this week.