Running (Pregnancy Too)

I really started running when I was in my early 20s.  I never thought I had the athleticism for it.  Turns out, (now don't tell anyone), that you don't need to be a sporty rock star - though most people think so, if someone runs on a regular basis.  It's just not true!  LOL.   ENTER ME!  I have absolutely no coordination.  I'm clumsy.  Baseball, basketball, volleyball are my enemies!  I miss the trash ALL the time when I have to throw something away.  Sigh... My life long struggles.  I'm glad for one sport to claim as my own!

When I was in 5th grade, we had a sprint competition for our class of 25, and I remember beating everyone (even the boys)!  Fun times!  But that was about the extent of running for me until I was 21, and ran my first "endurance run",  a 5 minute jog with a friend (who had to lie to me and tell me we had only run for 3 minutes, when it was REALLY 4, to keep me going).  I was SO out of shape back then, and my first mile without stopping was around 12 or 13 minutes.  For the next few years, I got up to 3 miles about 3 times a week, averaging about 10:30 pace.   If I can run, ANYONE can!

I have 2 children now, and ran through most of both pregnancies.

About 32 weeks with Annabelle

About 40 weeks with Joey!  I am HUGE!

As someone with personal experience, I would not really recommend running through the entirety of a pregnancy.  With my first, I ran up until the day she was born (4 miles)!   I had plantar fasciitis for about 6 months after her birth.  With my second, I ran until about 28 weeks gestation, and then did the elliptical.  I actually bounced back faster after my second child on the elliptical machine, than I did with my first "9 months of running" pregnancy.  Point is to exercise in a smart way!  I had vaginal births with both; HORRIFIC back labor with both!  But, I was up and very slowly jogging about 3-4 weeks post partum (when I had no more vaginal bleeding).  I also had NO vaginal tearing with either birth, so that really helps with recovery.  

Now, for all you pro-prego runners out there, I do agree that it DOES NOT hurt the baby.  Exercise is GREAT for both Mom and baby in pregnancy.  But the high impact of running, when you have gained 20-40 pounds, combined with hormone fluctuations like relaxin (which loosen your joints), can really cause some issues for the MOMMA!  Watch out for Plantar Fasciaitis, pelvic fx, bladder issues, and listen to your body.  

I love to run!  It gives me time to think in the morning, lots of energy to keep up with my 2 young children, health (I rarely get sick), new running buddies, excuses to eat the yummy things I love to bake, time to listen to sermons (LOVE WALK IN THE WORD), and on and on the list could go.  Right now I run about 35-40 miles a week.  I run first thing in the morning, and mostly before the kids are even up for the day.  I love to start my day this way!  

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