Saturday, July 12, 2014

Training and Goals

I am now in week 2 of my marathon training.  I feel really good, and most importantly, NO sore knees, feet, or hips!  I have been incorporating strength training into my workouts for about 3 months, and I really am starting to feel a difference.  This weeks training went something like this:

Sunday: 6 miles easy
Monday: 3 miles easy, 6 min core, walking lunges with 10lb weights (around 130), squats (50-60), 70 push-ups
Tuesday:  1 mile warm up, 4x 800m a little faster than 5K pace (around 7:05 pace) 1 mile cool down, 6 minutes of planks (broken up)
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: 1 mile warm up and 6 miles at 8:23 pace (a little faster than MP) 6 min core, walking lunges with 10lb weights, squats with weights, 70 push-ups
Friday:  11miles easy at 9:38 pace
Saturday: 3 miles easy with last might at MP, 6 min core, 6 minutes of planks (broken up)

Total Miles:  35

I feel really good!  I am so glad that I am ACTUALLY following a real training plan.  Thank you, Hal Higdon!  I usually just take it week by week with a tempo run and speed run.  But this has been causing me left hip and knee pain.  I also think the strength training is making a HUGE difference.  I feel much lighter in my running form.  I am noticing my quads, glutes and core when I run instead of just my hamstrings and calves.   I can't believe I am saying this, but I really enjoy my little strength training sessions (well, I enjoy how I feel after them)!

My marathon goals:

A.  Finish!
B.  Finish under 4 hours
C.  Finish as a BQ

The C goal is highly unlikely unless everything comes together perfectly and I feel amazing.  I am not even going to attempt training at that pace.  My training pace is 8:30 placing me at at 3:45 marathon time I think. I plan to run 9 minute miles for the first 5 or so miles and then pick up the pace to race pace, and pray I can maintain and perhaps even have a bit of a kick at the end.

Whatever happens, I am thankful to be on my own little journey for my big race!

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