Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jan 14, 2009 Gen 41-42

Gen 41
Joseph is still in prison. Meanwhile, Pharaoh has 2 dreams which greatly disturb him. No one in all the land, including the wise men and magicians, can interpret the dream. The chief cup bearer remembers Joseph. For while the chief cup bearer was in prison, Joseph interpreted his dream as well as the dream of the chief baker. Pharaoh is told of Joseph, and he is brought before Pharoh. Pharaoh states to Joseph that he has heard that Joseph is able to interpret dreams. Joseph gives the glory to God, and states that he cannot, but God can. WOW, Joseph is standing before the most powerful ruler in the world, and he does not credit himself but only God. God gives to us and takes away. He allowed Joseph to be sold into slavery, and then allowed for him to serve under Potiphar. He was falsely accused, and then sent to prison for at least 2 years. But God is with Joseph. Joseph was favored by his father, but hated by his brothers. Favored by Potiphar, but then thrown into prison. Maybe Joseph realized in all this time, that it is useless to seek the favor of man. For that favor is here today and gone tomorrow. But God remains forever.

Gen 42
After God gives Joseph the interpretation of the dream, Pharaoh declares Joseph the second highest ruler in Egypt. Prison today, ruler tomorrow. After the 7 years of plenty, the famine begins to spread in all the land. Only Egypt has grain due to rationing of it during the plentiful years. Joseph is in charge of selling the grain. One day a group of brothers from Canaan come to buy food, and Joseph recognizes them as his own brothers. But they do not recognize him. Joseph accuses them of being spies, and keeps one of the brothers imprisoned until they verify their story by bringing back the youngest brother who is home with Joseph's father.

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