Sunday, December 20, 2009

Patience, Patience, Patience... 38.4 weeks pregnant

I think the worst thing about being at the end of a pregnancy, is having your body go through so many changes EXCEPT for the big change - Having the baby. Ugggg.... it's such a tease. I continue to have the abdominal cramping, some lower back aches, pelvic pressure, and braxton hicks. The strongest braxton hicks were on Thursday. After my last blog, I had another 40 minute stretch of contractions about 5 minutes apart and then they stopped. Since then, they have been mild and irregular. I think it would almost be easier if I was having no early labor signs, to obsess over and just jumped straight into labor. I worked on Friday after being up all night the night before. I still can't sleep! Our census dropped at work, and luckily, I was placed on call for Saturday. I was able to get a good night's rest on Friday - 10 hours! Yesterday, I tried to keep myself occupied. I jogged 3 miles, walked 3 miles, we greeted at church last night, went out to dinner. I had some "Drunkin Noodle" YUM at Thai house - very spicy! I have basically everything that we need for baby! Clothes are washed and folded, hospital bag mostly packed, house scrubbed and cleaned last week - floors, bathrooms, guest room! I'm ready for company, ready for Christmas, and ready for BABY! Baby is just not ready for us yet! :( Michael has his heart set on a Christmas day baby. It's so funny that to me that seems way too far away, but it would be the best birthday present for him. So... I will wait, as if I have a choice.

We have another appointment on Wednesday morning. I will update again, unless..... :)

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